Exercise your right to bare beautiful skin anywhere you dare. We'll get you glowing and going in no time! 

We love getting rid of those pesky hairs for you. Enjoy the benefits of electrolysis in a discreet, relaxing setting with state of the art equipment in quick, easy to schedule sessions. For every skin type, every color, and every type of hair. 

Every skin, color and hair type.

Every skin, color and hair type.



Whether you’ve got a little of it, or a lot of it, dealing with unwanted body hair day after day is an inconvenience you simply don’t have time for. At Pilosity, we use the most current technologies and treatment styles in electrolysis to gently and permanently remove unwanted hair from any trouble spots, no matter your skin or hair type. 


15   minutes     $45

30   minutes     $68

45   minutes     $90

60   minutes     $130

75   minutes     $160

90   minutes     $180

120 minutes     $250

Packages: 5 hours ($495) / 10 hours ($900)

*Ten hour packages must be utilized in 45 minute intervals at minimum. Five hour packages must be utilized at 30 minute intervals at minimum.

*Packages expire 12 months from the date of purchase. Prices subject to change.

* In order to book more than two consecutive hours please contact us via text or by calling us at (626)  765-5874 for a consultation.